RBC provides the following English language trainings and coachings:

English Circuit Training: Adapting the exercise method known as “circuit training” to language, the student will “train” in English using a multitude of drills and exercises that will improve and enhance comprehension, pronunciation and writing skills. A real “workout” and a student favorite!

Executive English – Cadre Superior/Cadre

English for the Board Room: Using board reports, presentations and other materials, the student will achieve greater confidence using English in a board room setting.

Executive Presenting in English: Whether a sales meeting, committee presentation or conference, the student will work to improve high level presenting skills in English.

Interviews, conversations and professional social events: English can sneak up on you! How do you react when suddenly and unexpectedly asked to speak in English? This course will assist the student with preparing for the unexpected in various professional and semi-professional situations.

English for Business Professionals (sales persons, account managers, project managers…)

English in Diverse Accent Groups: designed to train the ear to understand a multitude of English speakers accents (British, American, Indian…)